H2G 3.0 - needlebed washing machines

The H2G firm’s classic machine allows the washing of any type of needlebeds without disassembling the needles. With its 3 meters in length, you can also wash multiple needlebeds simultaneously.

This is possible thanks to the solid structure in stainless steel and the software, extremely intuitive and easy to use, which automatically detects the size of the needlebed and takes care of the deep cleaning of every space between the needles.

In less than an hour your needlebeds will be like new, you just have to put them back in the knitting machine!

Seeing is believing!

Click and watch with your eyes what H2G 3.0 can do!

H2G 3.0 is:

  • H2G patented technology.
  • Efficient and ecological.
  • Simple and automatic
  • Programming flexibility
  • Eco-Friendly

Overall dimensions


3004 mm